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About Us

Land Surveying & Architects is an education blog where you can get the latest information on the latest jobs, articles, software, journals, research paper, construction projects, interview tips, and more.  Surveying & Architects is a complete portal for construction news. Land Surveying & Architects is a Civil Engineering based recruitment news site that aims to spread the construction knowledge to all over the World as per the preferences of the readers and audience. We cover news on various construction methods by our professional writers. Our objective to present the true picture of the construction news with the inside coverage. Really, Land Surveying & Architects lies with its loyal readers, which communicates and interacts to make up its rich and diverse content.

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You can also contact us at any time by our  Contact pages. We are always free to listen to your feedback.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring all professional land Surveyors and Engineers together on the same platform to discuss Land Surveying, Civil Engineering industry-related topics, share advice, and swap stories. Join us today and help preserve surveying history for future generations.

We are a group of Professional Land Surveyors & Civil Engineers Who are determined to help freshly students in all possible ways.

This Page is providing you with update Latest Information from the Entire World. Mainly survey works Civil Engineering jobs of Construction Industries, Entertainment, and all other disciplines from different resources.

Meet the Team

Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to planning, construction, and engineering.


Raja Junaid Iqbal

Founder & CEO

A Professional Land Surveyor with 15 Years of Experience in the related field of Surveying & Engineering.



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