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Quality Control Engineer Interview Question And Answer

Quality Control Engineer Interview Questions And Answers

What is the essential elements of Concrete placement?

The maximum height of the concrete drop is less than or equal to one and half meters.

The Segregation must be prevented by ensuring transit mixture is approved, has operating revolution counter, not adding water after batching & concrete is placed in such a manner to prevent the segregation (only shovels can be used to move the concrete around inside the forms no raking allowed. Vibrators should not be the used for that purpose.

Quality Control Engineer Interview Questions And Answers

How will trucks be checked on the site when receiving concrete?

1 – Revolution Counter

2 – Ticket Checked for the Concrete Batching time and Slump Value at the plant.

3 – Slump Test.

4 – Temperature Test (thirty two C maximum @ Site).

5 – Assure Lab Technician is present at the site & performs testing.

6 – Six Cubes or four Cylinders should be taken per 50-cum or recommended in the project specification.

What is the purpose of slump test?

To determine the consistency of the workability of concrete mix and to check for the required slumps.

What are the allowable slumps?

In case of the dry sample, slump will be in the range of Twenty Five – Fifty  mm. But in this case of a wet concrete, the slump may vary from One Hundred Fifty -One hundred Seventy Five mm. So the value of the slump is specifically mentioned along the mix design and the thus it should be checked as per the local location.

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Recommended slumps.

Reinforced foundation walls & footings.

1 – Maximum Slump 75mm

2 – Minimum Slump 25mm

Plain footings, caissons, & substructure walls.

1 – Maximum Slump 75mm

2 – Minimum Slump 25mm

Beams & reinforced walls.

1 – Maximum Slump 100mm

2 – Minimum Slump 25mm

Building columns.

1 – Maximum Slump 100mm

2 – Minimum Slump 25mm

Pavements and slabs.

1 – Maximum Slump 75mm

2 – Minimum Slump 25 mm

Mass Concrete Mix.

1 – Maximum Slump 75mm

2 – Minimum Slump 25mm

What is the plasticizer?

Usually applied at the low water-cement ratio concrete to make it workable.

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What is the maximum temperature of concrete that can be poured into a concrete structure?

Thirty two Degrees C.

Min & Max atmospheric (ambient) temperature prior to paving?

Min is five Degree C in cold weather and forty five degrees C max for hot weather.

Min & Maximum temperature of the concrete at the site prior to pouring?

Min Concrete temp is Ten degrees, and Max is thirty two degrees C

Types of Curing?

Water Curing – as in the ponding, spraying, wet sand & wet earth

Membrane Curing – as in the plastic film, liquid membrane curing compound & reinforced paper

Steam Curing.

When will u apply the curing of concrete?

After the concrete has initially set (Thirty Five to 40 minutes is the initial setting time of the concrete)

How many times do u apply the curing membrane?

At least 2 times. The second application is perpendicular to the  and applied after the 1st application has

Within how many hours should concrete mix be discharged after leaving the batching plant or after all the aggregates, cement & water are in the mixer?

Within 1 hour if the mixer is an agitated mixer (Also depends on the design mix) And  Within thirty minutes if the mixer is a non-agitated mixer.

What is the initial setting time of the Concrete Mix?

Thirty Five to Forty  minutes.

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What is the mixing time of the stationary or central batching plant (concrete)?

Fifty to Ninety seconds

What is agitating speed of the mixer?

Two to Six revolutions per 1 minute (rpm)

What is the mixing speed of the mixer?

Six to 18 rpm

What is the concrete fatigue?

It is the weakening of the material caused by repeated loads.

What is the creep?

It is the deformation due to the sustained load.

How would u know if the concrete has gained its initial set?

If there is no more water seen (brightness) on the surface of concrete, or if there is no water on the surface of the concrete.

If agitated concrete is discharged after more than one hour, what will happen?

The concrete is over mixed, becomes hot & the strength is reduced

How many layers are in the concrete cube?

Concrete Cube is cast in Three layers.

How many strokes are done in one layer in a concrete cube?

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Thirty Five Strokes in 1 layer.

What is the size of the rode used in concrete cube casting and the slump test?

Dia – Sixteen mm and Six Hundred mm length.

What is the size of the concrete cube?

150-mm X 150-mm X 150-mm.

What is the size of the slump cones?

Height – Thirty cm, Top of Cone – Ten cm  & Bottom of  the cone – Twenty cm.

How many layers are in the slump test?

Three Layers in ASTM & BS but Four Layers in the Indian standard.

How many strokes are done in 1 layer in the slump test?

Twenty Five Strokes.

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