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House Plan 30 x 50

House Plan 30 x 50

Different House Plans 30 x 50 House Plan 30 x 50 /  House Plan With Car Parking 30×50 / 30*50 House Plan With Garden | 30×50 House Plan three bathrooms three Bedrooms and three kitchen. 30×50 House Plan With the Car Parking To build the house or a house, 1st, the map of the …

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Tendering methods and Procedures in Construction

Tender Process

Tendering Methods and Procedures in Construction. Tendering Tendering is the process by which bids are invited from the interested contractors to carry out the specific packages of the Construction work.     Types of Tendering Competitive tendering Open Selective Negotiated tendering Serial Nominative 1 – Open tender Open tendering is …

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Common Excavation Hazards And Their Prevention

What are the Common Excavation Hazards And Their Prevention

What are the Common Excavation Hazards And Their Prevention The dangers of the soil excavation at building sites are known as excavation hazards. During The Construction site excavation, workers inside trenches & on the surface are at risk. As a result, protection measures against the hazards in excavation must be …

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Why Camber Is Provided In Road

Types Of Camber

Types Of  The Road Camber – Advantages & Methods Of Providing Camber What Is The Camber ? Camber is the slope provided to Road Surface in the transverse direction to drain off the rainwater from the road surface. It is also known as cross slope of the road. In this article, …

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Concrete Compressive Strength Of 4000 PSI

Concrete Compressive Strength

4K Psi Concrete Compressive Strength at 3-7-21 & 28 days According to ACI code standard, concrete grade is categorized according to their compressive strength represented as concrete mix 2k Psi, 3k Psi, 4k Psi, 5k Psi, 6k Psi, 8k Psi and 10k Psi. For example, in concrete mix 2000, numerical …

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