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Hi My name is Raja Junaid Iqbal and i am Land Surveyor by Profession but I've specialized in the field of Q,S and land development. As Professional Surveyor I engaged my self in all over the Gulf since 14 years.

Civil Engineering Basic Knowledge

Civil Engineering Basic Site Knowledge

Civil Engineering Basic Site Knowledge.   Useful Information For Land Surveyors And Civil Engineers. Get Benefits And Share With Others.   Learn More  What Is Difference between Site Engineer and Civil Supervisor What is the Difference between main bars and distribution bars in slab   Learn More  How to calculate …

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Successful Civil Engineers

Successful Civil Engineer

How To Be The Successful Civil Engineer. Civil Engineering Requirements. Being the good & successful Civil Engineer is not so easy. u need to full some of important requirements to achieve this. In this article, I will share the top ten requirements to be a successful civil engineer. 1) – …

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What is The Contour Mapping

What is Contour Mapping

Contour Mapping – Characteristics, Methods & Uses. The Contour are the lines joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of earth or we can say that the contour is a line in which the ground surface is intersected by the level surface obtained by joining points of the …

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Types Of Curves In Surveying Work


Types Of Curves In Surveying Work. What Is The Curve? The Curves are generally the horizontal &/or vertical bends that are usually used on highways & the railways when it is necessary to change the alignment of the route. when 2 points are located at the different levels, it becomes …

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Rise and fall method with Examples

what is intersight

Rise and fall method with Examples. In This Article i will discuss About the topic of Rise and Fall Method with Complete Detail. Rise & fall is the method of Land Surveying to solve the levelling to find out difference in elevation & elevation of 2 points. In this method …

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Types Of Scales In Surveying

Types Of Scales In The Surveying.

Types Of Scales In The Surveying. Since the Surveyed area is the very large, it is never possible to make full size of drawing. For convenience it is generally necessary to draw them to the reduced size, this operation is called ( drawing to scale). There are 2 types of …

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