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Quantity Survey And Types of Estimate

Quantity Survey – Types of Estimate -Project-Estimates

A Guide on Estimation, Quantity Survey – Types of Estimate. In this article, you are going to learn in details about the Estimation, Quantity Survey And types of Estimate in Construction Project. You will also learn rough Cost Estimate for buildings, Roads and Highways, Irrigation Channels, Bridges and Culverts, Water …

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Building Cinder Of Block Walls


Building Cinder Of Block Walls – Everything You Need to Know When you’re short on budget and need to do some light building work on your own, cinder blocks are a great choice. Made from concrete and coal cinders, they are lightweight and cheap. However, building cinder block walls does …

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Loads That Can Act In a Structure

Act in a Structuree

Types of Loads that Can Act in a Structure   If you’re a construction or civil engineer, probably 80% of your day goes by juggling loads acting on a member and strengths of the member. You will need to know all the types of loads that can act in a …

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