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Civil Site Engineer Must Know +18 Civil Engineer Tips And Trick

Civil Site Engineer Must Know +18 Civil Engineer Tips And Trick

Civil site engineers should know the following tips and tricks. Either memorize them or have a list readily available.

Minimum thickness of slab is 125mm.

Absorption of water should not be over 15 percent.

Lapping is unaccepted for the bars that have a diameter of more than 36mm.

Longitudinal reinforcement should be not under 0.8% or in excess of 6% of gross C/S.

For square column, minimum bars is 4 No’s and 6 No’s for circular column.

Lap slices are not recommended for a bar that is larger than 36mm.

PH value of the water should not be under 6.

Dimension tolerance for cubes should be + 2mm.

Densities of Different Types of Construction Materials

Steel = 7850 kg/Cum

Cement = 1440 kg/Cum

Brick = 1682 kg/Cum or 1920 kg/cum

Sand = 1100 to 1600 kg/cum

Water = 1000 kg/cum

R.C.C = 2500 kg/cum (5% of steel)

P.C.C = 2400 kg/cum

Wood = 1100 kg/cum

Crushed Brick = 950-1250 kg/cum






  1. -Concrete Test: Slump test, compression test, split tensile test, soundness etc.

  2. -Soil Test: Core cutter test, compaction test, sand replacement test, triaxial test, consolidation test etc.

  3. -Bitumen Test: Ductility test, softening point test, gravity test, penetration test etc.

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