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Method Statement for Anchor Bolts Installation

Method Statement for Anchor Bolts Installation


Method Statement for Installation of Anchor Bolts | Civil Engineering | Construction

Anchor Bolts Installation | Construction of a pre-engineered structure such as steel structure is challenging work. It requires the full attention of qualified staff.  It also needs a qualified QAQC Engineer to inspect the work of a construction team to ensure that the completed work is fully compliant with the project requirement.

One of the most challenging jobs in the construction of steel structure is the installation of anchor bolts where it is considered to be an ankle joint of a steel column. A method statement of the installation of anchor bolt should be developed to make sure that the process is true against the approved drawing and the most important, it should be within the safe working condition.

Here is the method statement for the installation of anchor bolts.


Method Statement for Anchor Bolts Installation | Civil Engineering | Construction


Method Statement for Installation of Anchor Bolts


This method statement shows and explains the procedure must be followed to install the anchor bolts for steel columns to achieve the requirements of the project.


• Approved Anchor Bolts Shop Drawing
• Approved Material Submittal for Anchor Bolt
• Specification Section 0000 (Place specification section here)

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• Anchor Bolts (Size place here)
• Nut
• Washer


• Construction Manager
• Project Engineer/ Site Engineer
• Foreman
• Surveyor and assistant surveyor
• Safety officers with helper
• Carpenters
• Skilled and unskilled labors

Equipment and Tools

• Total Station
• Level Machine
• Plywood base plates
• Spanners
• Water level
• Line dory/ Nylon chord
• Masking tape
• PPE such as safety tools such as safety ladders, warning tapes, safety sign boards …etc


Construction Manager

• The Construction Manager is overall responsible for the implementation of method statement of anchor bolts fixation and ensures that his team of Engineers and foremen are aware of this method statement and all resources – human, material, and equipment are available to carry out the work as planned and without any delay.

Project Engineer

• Provide his site engineer with approved drawings.
• Follow up the site team to use approved materials.
• To ensure all the required equipment, tools and manpower are available on the site.
• Monitor the fixation of the anchor bolts.

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QA/QC Engineer

• Ensure that the site team is using approved drawings.
• Ensure that the used materials are approved.
• Check the fixed anchor bolts in the temporary plywood plate are as per approved drawings such as diameter, number, location, and the space between each anchor bolt.
• Check with the surveyor the required level for the anchor bolts during the fixation stage.
• Check the alignment and level of the anchor bolts.
• Ensure that anchor bolts are covered properly after fixing and approval before concrete.
• Prepare the inspection request and the checklist for the anchor bolts fixing.
• Ensure the level of anchor bolts after casting the neck columns.

Safety Officer

• Ensure that all equipment is properly maintained and in safe working conditions.
• Follow up all the safety precautions during anchor bolts preparation and fixing such as wearing helmet, safety shoes, overalls, gloves, and vests.
• Ensure that the working area is barricaded and protected during the work.

Site Engineer

• Follow the approved drawings to fix the anchor bolts.
• Instruct the manpower for fixing the anchor bolts.
• Follow up the level and the alignment of the anchor bolts during fixation.
• Follow up the work to be ready for inspection.
• Prepare a daily report for the complete area of anchor bolts fixing to the project engineer.


• Get the instructions to start fixing from the site engineer.
•  Distribute the labors for the site works.
•  Supervise laborers’ productivity and their works.
•  Prepare all the required tools for the fixing
•  Supervise the labors during fixing


Use approved drawings for work preparation.

Use approved materials as per approved drawings such as anchor bolts length, diameter, number, and location.

To fix the anchor bolts prepare a temporary wooden plate contains holes relevant to the diameter, location, and the number of anchor bolts as per approved drawings.

Fix the bolts in the temporary wooden plate accurately.

Prepare the axis in the top of the neck columns in order to fix the anchor bolts.

After the survey works, start fixing the temporary wooden plate with the anchor bolts in the top of the neck columns.

Insert the bottom part of the anchor bolts inside the neck columns as per approved drawings.

After fixing the temporary wooden plates align, level, and fix properly the anchor bolts as per approved drawings.

The surveyor has to check the alignment and the level of the anchor bolts after fixing.

The Engineer shall check the anchor bolts after fixing.

After Engineer approval covers the anchor bolts with masking tape protection before concreting.

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  • All works shall comply with the safety instruction/procedure as set out in the approved project HSE plan and all safety recommendations of local authorities shall be followed.
  • All works should comply with safety procedures/instructions as set out in the project safety plan.
  • Basic PPE to be worn by all staff.


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