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How To Design Thee Pier Beam

How To Design The Pier Beam

Generally, slab foundations are cost-effective. They can be constructed rapidly and are formed with reinforced concrete. There is no basement for a home that contains a slab foundation. A pier and beam foundation generally comprises of a crawl space under the living space and footings to support the foundation.

Piling or piering stands for the method of driving steel pipe pilings to remedy failing building foundations and to fine- tune foundation settlement. Push piers includes sections of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipe. A hydraulic ram is utilized to plunge the steel pipe into the soil. Helical piers apply screw piles with steel shafts.

How To Design The Pier Beam

To design a pier beam, the following dimensions are required :-


Length = 9.5m
Breadth = 1.5m
Depth = 1.5m
=20 N/
=415 N/
Cover = 40 mm


DL of super structure = 2140 kN (including bearings)
BSelf weight of beam = 384.75 kN
Design load = DL/2+LL
= (2140+384.75)/2+ (0.382700) = 1529.78 kN


= 6310.341.5 = 9465.51 kN
= 15291.5 = 2293.5 kN
= 0.87d (1-()/bd)
9465.51 = 0.874151500
= 21762.98
Provide nos of 32mm diameter rod at compression zone

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Shear Reinforcement

Check for Shear:-

Shear stress = ()
= (2293.5/15001450)
= 1.02 N/
= (100)/ (15001450) (area of steel used 20107
= 0.89
Therefore = 0.7<

Hence shear reinforcement is required

= ()
= 2293.5-(0.7)
= 718.5 kN
Using 12mm diameter rod, 4 legged stirrups
= 0.87d/)
= 0.874151450/718.5
= 341mm
Adopt 12mm diameter rod, 4 legged stirrups @ 200mm c/c

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