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Segregation and Bleeding in the Concrete

Segregation and Bleeding in Concrete

Segregation & Bleeding in the Concrete | Causes, Effects And Remedies Segregation in concrete Segregation is the ( Separation of the constituent materials in concrete ) In the concrete technology, segregation is of 3 types. Separation of the Coarse aggregate from the concrete mixture, Separation of the Cement pastes from the …

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How To Calculate The Length Of Roof Rafters

How to calculate the length of the roof rafters

How To Calculate The Length Of Roof Rafters Let us calculate the length of the roof rafter as shown in the below drawing. The length of the roof rafters is calculated in three different methods based on the available data. Let us go through, all of them as explained below. …

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What Is Difference Between PPC And OPC Cement

Difference between PPC and OPC cement

What Is Difference Between P.P.C And O.P.C Cement P.P.C and O.P.C are very commonly utilized cement. Presently, P.P.C is utilized like a substitute to O.P.C. As a result, the very puzzling matter is in what way to take the right selection. Ordinary Portland cement (O.P.C) – • O.P.C is created …

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