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How to select steel for building construction

1-check Diameter & grade of steel-

So, first of all, you have to check the diameter of steel and also grade of steel we have different grades of steel 40,60 and 75 .so must be check diameter and grade of steel before buying.

2. Check the weight of steel-

Here is an example to check the weight of steel. if we have 8 mm diameter steel bar and length is 12 meter so the weight of steel-

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given data

D = 8 mm ,L = 12 meter

So weight of steel = ( 8 x 8 x 12)/162

weight of steel = 4.74 kg
3. Check for rust and loose Coating-

if you wanna purchase you have to check rust and loose coating .it should not be rust and it should not be loose if there is loose coating in steel don’t you it for building construction.
4. Check for cracks-

If we bend steel 180 degrees so the surface of the steel is the top surface of the steel should not be white and it should not be developed any cracks.its very important so don’t you this steel
5. Never store steel on the ground-

sometimes we placed steel on the ground with that steel should rust and rusted steel should not be used in building construction otherwise it will make more problem and rust can we weak strength of the steel remember these points.if you wanna store steel on the ground so it should be up from the ground mini 4 inches.
So these are some important tips which I have to discuss before purchasing steel.


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