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Standard Brick Dimensions

Brick Size And Standard Brick Dimensions

Brick Size And Standard Brick Dimensions. Brick is the commonly used building material. It is the unit made of burnt clay. It is mainly composed of the clay, sand, lime & bearing soil or other concrete materials. Containing a good mixture of these elements the mixture is fired into the …

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BILLS OF QUANTITIES (BOQ) The survival of any business is heavily dependent on the success of commercial management. When it comes to commercial management in the construction industry, the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is the term that brings the attention of every construction professionals and stakeholder. It is one of …

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Estimate this Slab Included Drawing


Estimate this Slab (Drawing Included). Questions:- Estimate this Slab (Drawing Included). In This Article i will explain the Estimation Of Slab.   Calculation:- Estimate for Slab Casting (1:2:4). = 1×28′-6″x20′-11″x0′-5″ = 247.98 Cft. = 7.021 Cum. Estimate for Formwork. Soffit = 1×28′-6″x20’11” = 596.10 Sft. Side = 1×2(28′-6″+20′-11″)x0′-5″ = 41.11 …

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