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River Sand Vs M Sand | Which Sand is Better For Construction

River Sand Vs M Sand | Which Sand is Better For Construction

M Sand or Robo Sand is gaining popularity due to ecological factors and insufficient number of superior quality river sand.

River Sand Vs M Sand

Parameters M Sand River Sand
Process It is produced in a factory. It is accessible naturally on river banks.
Shape It is angular in shape and contains a harsher texture. Angular aggregates require more water. Water demand is adjusted with cement content. It contains softer texture with better shape. It requires less water.
Moisture Content Moisture is available only in water washed M Sand. Moisture is confined in between the particles which are ideal for concrete purposes.
Concrete Strength It has greater concrete strength with regards to river sand employed for concreting. Concrete strength is lesser with regards to M Sand
Silt Content It contains zero silt Least allowable silt content is 3%. Anything over 3% can affect the longevity of concrete. There should be 5 – 20% slit content in medium quality river sand.
Over Sized Materials There are no over sized materials as it is artificially manufactured. 1 – 6% of minimum over sized materials exist. As for example pebble stones.

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Marine Products There are no marine products. There are 1 – 2% marine products like sea shells, tree barks etc
Eco-Friendly Since M Sand employs natural coarse aggregates to develop, it produces less damage to the environment with regard to river sand. It is injurious to the environment. Eco imbalances, minimize groundwater level and rivers water gets dried up.
Price The cost of M Sand varies from Rs.35 to Rs.45 per cubic feet. The cost of River sand varies from Rs 60 – 80 per cubic feet.
Adulteration The possibility of adulteration is fewer. There is high possibility of adulteration as filtered sand (a type of pre-washed sand having high silt contents) is blended together. Normally, supply shortage always gets adulterer products to the market.
Uses It is effective for R.C.C purposes and brick/ block works. It is suitable for R.C.C, plastering and brick/ block work.
Quality Superior quality control is provided as it is produced in a controlled environment. There is no control over quality as it happens normally. Similar river bed sand can contain differences in silt contents.
Particle passing 75 micron Up to 15% (IS: 383 – 1970) Up to 3% (IS:383 – 1970)

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