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Bar bending schedule of 2 way slab

Bar bending schedule of two way slab

Bar bending schedule of two way slab and How to calculate the cutting length and weight of rebar’s in 2 way slab? In this Article we will calculate the cutting length and  prepare the B.B.S of the 2 way slab as shown below. Let us redraw the above drawing with …

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Bar Bending Schedule For R.C.C Slab


Bar Bending Schedule For R.C.C Slab BBS for R.C.C Slab: This article is about How to prepare bar bending schedule for Slab To preparing bar bending schedule for a Slab. there are some criteria & assumptions that require to be met Let’s get started. 1 Forces on Slab: 2 Bar Bending Schedule …

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Checklist For R.C.C Slab & Beams

RCC Slab and Beams

Checklist For R.C.C Slab & Beams 1 Beam bottom’s line, level & width should be checked. 2 Beam side’s line, level & plumb should be checked. 3 Beam to beam measurements shall be checked as per architectural drawings. 4 Individual level & diagonal of each slab bay shall be checked. …

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Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Civil Engineering Interview Questions Hi Civil Engineer, you are on this page because you are attending an interview tomorrow or preparing yourself to face an interview. Well, I am posting the Top interview questions asked by top recruiters from Top MNCs to small construction companies. Q1. What is the Unit …

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What is Septic tank…? A septic tank can be defined as a primary sedimentation tank with a large detention time (12 to 36hrs against a period of 2hrs in an ordinary sedimentation tank). In un-sewered rural and urban areas, septic tanks are suitable for disposal of night soil. But sufficient …

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