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The Role And Responsibilities Of Quantity Surveyor In Current Construction Sectors

The Role And Responsibilities Of Quantity Surveyor In Current Construction Sectors.

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Now-a-days, the Quantity Surveyor has to undertake various types of responsibilities as well as produce extensive range of job titles. Besides, performing duties like calculating materials and trade works, The QS has to apply financial, contractual, and commercial management knowledge prior to commencing of the project as well as throughout the construction phase.

The duties and series of functions of a quantity will differ according to the size of the company or the firm.(small, medium and large sized firms).

A quantity surveyor may perform on behalf of either the client or the contractor who work in an office or on-site. A quantity surveyor has to perform diverse works which range from making estimates and costs of the work from scratch to the final figures for the successful completion of the project.

The role of Quantity Surveyor in Sustainability

In recent times, the concept for sustainable construction has expanded significantly. Therefore, the task of a quantity surveyor has become more difficult. A quantity surveyor has to take the following responsibilities in sustainable construction:

1. Green Costing
2. Life Cycle Costing/ Life Cycle Assessment
3. Carbon Footprint
4. Property Performance Reporting
5. Green Building Rating Assessment
6. Building Information Model (BIM)

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The role of Quantity Surveyor in General Construction Project

Generally, Quantity Surveyors have to perform the duties like initial cost advice, cost planning and value management, contractual methods as well as tendering, choice of contractor, valuation of construction work, project management and increased efficiency.

Besides, a Quantity Surveyor has to render his work throughout various stages of the project. In the pre-contract stage: Quantity Surveyor has to arrange and produce initial cost plan, advise on cost of design team’s proposals. Other duties include supervising cost implications throughout the comprehensive design phase, sustaining and developing cost plan.

For the tender stage: Quantity Surveyor has to provide instruction on the contractual documentation to clients. Besides, Quantity Surveyor should suggest recommendations for interim payments, post-contract cost control and final account. The Quantity Surveyor has to arrange for and price bills of quantities, make cost analysis, provide guidance on financial implications and the application of areas and provide a measurement of areas, provide advice on contractual matters.

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