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Calculation For Road Work

Calculation For Road Work

Calculation for Road

Make an approximate estimate of earthwork in partially cutting and lengthwise filling with respect to road embankment by simply applying the mean area method.

The width of road development in the plain region is 22 ft. in addition to the cutting side slope will be 1:1 and 2:1 in filling.

The development level at RD corresponding to 0 is 575.00m ft.

The upward gradient of 200:1 should be maintained for the portion of the road. Given below, the details about natural surface levels at various RDs – Figure out the quantity of earthwork regarding the road.

Specific information:

  • Tap width of road equivalent to B equivalent to 22 ft (is related in all over the embankment)
  • Side slope in cutting is corresponding to S1 corresponding to 1:1 corresponding to 1
  • Side slope in filling is corresponding to S2 corresponding to 2:1 corresponding to 2
  • Depth in cutting / Filling is corresponding to 4 corresponding to Formation level – NSL
  • Upward gradient slope is corresponding to +g corresponding to 200:1 equal to 200
  • Development level at preliminary RD is corresponding to FL corresponding to 575
  • As the development remains in an upward gradient (+g) of 200:1, development width will be 22 ft and the development level at R.D. is corresponding to 0 is 575 so (specified info)
  • The increase in development level is corresponding to Interval/gradient slope corresponding to 100/200 m corresponding to 0.50 ft.

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Cross-section at R.D. is equivalent to 0:

While employing Trapezoidal formula, Cutting area is equivalent to (a + b)/2 x d

In which – a is equivalent to development width, b is equivalent to total width of embankment and d is equivalent to embankment depth

Top width, a is similar to 22 ft

Depth, d is similar to -2.65 ft

Slope is identical to 1:1

Bottom width, b is similar to 27.3 ft

Cutting area is equivalent to (22 + 27.3)/2 x 2.65 equal to

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