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What is The Parapet Wall Purpose And Design Of Parapet Wall

What is The Parapet Wall Purpose And Design Of Parapet Wall

1.  What is a parapet wall ?

The boundary i.e. built over the edges of terrace, balcony, or roof, is called a parapet wall. The material used in constructing the wall may be brick, glass, RCC grills, mild steel, stainless steel, or a combination of all these materials.

What is The Parapet Wall Purpose And Design Of Parapet Wall


2. What is the purpose of building a parapet wall ?

 The main purposes of constructing a parapet wall are,

  1. Protection:

The parapet wall provides protection for people, pets, and especially children. It prevents falling from the rooftop, terrace, or balcony by acting as a barrier.

  1. Appearance:

The parapet wall gives an aesthetic look to the building. A creative combination of different materials helps to improve the architectural appearance of a building.

  1. Privacy:

A parapet wall provides the needed privacy to you & your belongings on the balcony or over the terrace.

  1. Space:

The wall creates a working space to utilize for any purpose. for eg. terrace gardening, exercise & gym., solar paneling, etc.

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3.  What should be the height of a parapet wall ?

The height of the parapet wall should be as shown in the below table.

                                Height of parapet wall.

Recommended height In feet In metre In centimetre
Minimum height 2.5 ft. 0.761m. 761cm.
Maximum height 5.0 ft. 1.52m. 1520cm.
Common height 3.0 ft 0.91m 910cm.


4.  What should be the thickness of the parapet wall ?

parapet-wall dimension

From a safety point of view, the minimum thickness of the parapet wall should be 9 inches.

A gradient should be provided for the top plaster surface so that the rainwater drains off easily.


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