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What will be the cost of 9″ brick wall masonry

What will be the cost of 9″ brick wall masonry

Let us consider 9″ thick brick wall masonry as shown in the drawing for calculation purposes.

What will be the cost of 9 brick wall masonry

Given data:

Length of the brick wall = 16ft.

Height of the brick wall = 10ft.

The thickness of the brick wall = 9″ = 0.75ft.

The total volume of the brick wall masonry

= length × height × thickness

= 16ft. × 10ft. × 0.75ft.

= 120 cu ft.

The total area of brick wall

= length × height

=16ft. × 10ft.

160 sq ft.

A.  Material calculation:

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before proceeding further.

No. of bricks required/ cu ft. of wall = 12.36 nos.

No. of Cement bags required/ cu ft of wall = 0.0353 bags

The volume of sand required/ cu ft. of wall = 0.2593 cu ft.

Note: The quantity of bricks, cement & sand per cu ft. is taken from the above-mentioned article.

1. No. of  bricks required 

= [vol. of brick wall × bricks/ cu ft.]

=  [120 cu ft. × 12.36 nos.]


2. No. of  cement bags required 

= [vol. of brick wall × cement / cu ft.]

=  [120 cu ft. × 0.0353bags]

4.236 bags

3. The volume of sand required 

= [vol. of brick wall × sand/ cu ft.]

=  [120 cu ft. × 0.2593 cu ft.]

31.116 cu ft.

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B.  Labor calculation:

The labor rate per sq ft. of the brick masonry ranges from INR 12/- to 20/- depending upon the region.

Let us consider an average rate of INR 16/– per sq ft.


The total cost of labor for 9″ brick masonry

= total area of brick masonry in sq ft.  × labor rate/ sq ft.

= 160 sq ft. × 16/-

INR 2,560/-

Now, let us calculate the total cost of brick masonry in table format.

Sl. no. Item. Qty. Rate.

in INR.

Unit. Cost

in INR.

1. Red brick 1483.20      8/- Nos.   11,865.60
2. Cement    4.236 380/- bag     1,609.68
3. Sand  31.116  60/- Cu ft.     1,866.96
4. Curing Lump-sum         250.00
5. Miscellaneous Lump-sum         200.00
6.                                                       The material cost =   15,792.24
7.                                                        Add 5% wastage =         789.61
8.                                                    Total material cost =   16,581.85
9.                                                                 Labour cost =       2560.00
10.                    The total cost of 9″ brick masonry =    19,141.85


Note: To get accurate results, insert your regional market rate of materials & labor, in the above table.

The cost of double ( 9″ ) brick wall masonry/sq ft.

= [total brick masonry cost ÷ total brick wall area]

= 19,141.85 ÷ 160

= INR 119.64 /sq ft.


The cost of double ( 9″ ) brick wall masonry/cu ft.

= [total brick masonry cost ÷ total vol. of the brick wall]

= 19,141.85 ÷ 120

= INR 159.52 /cu ft.

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