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What is The Contour Mapping

What is Contour Mapping

Contour Mapping – Characteristics, Methods & Uses. The Contour are the lines joining the points of equal elevation on the surface of earth or we can say that the contour is a line in which the ground surface is intersected by the level surface obtained by joining points of the …

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Linear measurements in the surveying by Direct Method

Linear Measurements in the Surveying by Direct Method

Linear Measurements in the Surveying by Direct Method The Linear measurements in surveying can be performed by mainly 3 methods namely direct method, electromagnetic methods & optical methods. The direct method is the common method that employs the chain, tape or any other instrument to measure the linear distance. Various …

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What is the Benefits and Drawbacks of Total Station

Benefits and Drawbacks of Total Station.

What is the Benefits and Drawbacks of Total Station. Definition of the Total Station Now-a-days The Total Station is the most popular software for Land Surveyors to use on the job site. The total station is created by combining an electronic theodolite, an electronic distance measuring device (E.D.M) & a …

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Why Camber Is Provided In Road

Types Of Camber

Types Of  The Road Camber – Advantages & Methods Of Providing Camber What Is The Camber ? Camber is the slope provided to Road Surface in the transverse direction to drain off the rainwater from the road surface. It is also known as cross slope of the road. In this article, …

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Calculation For Road Work

Calculation for Road

Calculation For Road Work Make an approximate estimate of earthwork in partially cutting and lengthwise filling with respect to road embankment by simply applying the mean area method. The width of road development in the plain region is 22 ft. in addition to the cutting side slope will be 1:1 …

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