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Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers



Q.1 What the steps involved in Building Construction?

Ans: There are different steps involved in Building construction like,

  1. Concreting
  2. Masonry work
  3. Plastering work
  4. Flooring work
  5. Formwork
  6. Steel cutting and Bending

Q.2 How do you measure the volume of concrete?

Ans: The volume of concrete is calculated by Multiplying its Length, Width, and Thickness together. For Example – 1m x1m x1m = 1 m³ of the volume of concrete.

Q.3 Why Concrete Cover is provided to reinforcement?

Ans: Concrete cover for reinforcement is required to protect the rebar against corrosion and to provide resistance against fire.

Q.4 How to do check level on construction site?

Ans: I will check the level on the construction site by Spirit level, Dumpy Level, and Leveling Pipe.

Q.5 What is the accuracy of the dumpy level or minimum reading we can take?

Ans: With the help of a dumpy level we can take up 5mm accurate reading or minimum reading.

Q.6 How do you calculate the weight of 12m long and 10mm dia. Steel on-site?

Ans: its simple,

By multiplying the length of steel bar with its unit weight

(unit wt of 10mm = 0.60 kg/m)

Weight of steel = 0.60x 12

      = 7.2 kg

Q.7 Which is the equation used for calculating the unit weight of the steel bar?

Ans: (D²/162)

Q.8 What is the size of a concrete cube?

Ans: 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm

Q.9 What do you do if any concrete cube fails in 28 days compressive strength test?

Ans: If the concrete cube fails in strength test, I will conduct a core cutter test on concrete and send a report to higher authorities.

Q. 10 What is the mix ratio for M – 20 Grade of concrete?

Ans: 1: 1.5: 3

Q. 11 What is the Unit weight of 12 mm Steel Bars.

Ans: 0.89 kg/m

Q. 12  What is the Density of Steel?

Ans: 7850 kg/m³

Q. 13 In Fe – 415 Steel Grade, 415 indicates the___________of Steel.

Ans: Tensile Strength

Q. 14 What is the Volume of 50 kg bag of cement?

Ans: 0.035 m³

Q. 15 In Residential Building, Average Value of Stair Width?

Ans: 900 mm

Q. 16 The Slope of Stair Should not  Exceed.

Ans: 40º

Q. 17 Minimum diameter of steel in Column.

Ans: 12 mm

Q. 18 Standard Size of Brick?

Ans:  19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm

Q. 19 What is Unit Weight of RCC?

Ans: 2500 kg/ m³

Q. 20  One Acre = ____________Sq. ft.

Ans:   43560 Sq. ft.

Q. 21 What is the Full Form of UTM?

Ans: Universal Testing Machine

Q. 22 Cement Expire After?

Ans: 3 month

Q. 23 One square meter = _________ Sq. ft?

Ans: 10.76 Sq. ft

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Q. 24 What is the unit weight of 25 mm Steel Bars

Ans: 3.85 kg/m

Q. 25 One Hectare = _______Acres

Ans: 2.47  Acres

Q. 26 One Gallon = ________Liters

Ans: 3.78 Liters

Q. 27 One kilonewton is equal to _________ kilograms

Ans: 101.97 KG

Q. 28 One Tonne is equal to _________ kilograms

Ans: 1000 KG

Q. 29 Maximum Free fall of concrete allowed is______?

Ans: 1.5 m

Q. 30 Instrument used for level work on a construction site?

Ans: Dumpy Level

Q. 31 Minimum Bars in Circular Column Should be_______

Ans: 6 Nos.

Q. 32 What is the Full Form of AAC?

Ans: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Q. 33 What is the Full Form of NDT?

Ans: Non – Destructive Test

Q. 34 What is the Full Form of JCB?

Ans: Joseph Cyril Bamford

Q. 35  Which Test is conducted to determine the bearing capacity of Soil?

Ans: Plate Load Test

Q. 36  Ring and ball test are conducted on which construction material?

Ans: Bitumen

Q. 37 Minimum hook length as per IS Code?

Ans: 75 mm

Q. 38 What is the extra length in Bent up bars?

Ans: 0.45 X

Q. 39 What is Least Count of Dumpy?

Ans: 5mm

Q. 40 What is Full of EGL?

Ans: Existing ground level.

Q.41 A First Class Brick Should Absorb Water More than?

Ans: 20 %

Q.42 Number of Bricks used in 1 Cubic meter of Brickwork?

Ans: 500 Nos.

Q.43 The Normal Consistency of  Portland Cement?

Ans: 25 %

Q.44 The Expansion in Portland cement is tested by…

Ans: Soundness Test

Q.45 According to IS Code, Full Strength of Concrete is achieved after?

Ans: 28 Days

Q.46 What is the Volume of 1 bag of cement?

Ans:   0.035 m³

Q.47 Minimum Grade of Concrete Used For RCC?

Ans: M – 20

Q.48 Cement Expire After?

Ans: 3 month

Q.49 What is the Full Form of DPR?

Ans: Detailed Project Report

Q.50 What is the initial and final setting time for cement?

Ans: Initial: Less than 30 min and 600 min.

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  2. -Soil Test: Core cutter test, compaction test, sand replacement test, triaxial test, consolidation test etc.

  3. -Bitumen Test: Ductility test, softening point test, gravity test, penetration test etc.

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