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How To Calculate The Numbers Of tread And Riser In Staircase

How To Calculate The Numbers Of tread And Riser In Staircase


Let us calculate the number of riser & tread for the below-given drawing.


How to calculate the numbers of tread and riser in a staircase


Given data:

Landing slab thickness = 200mm.
Top to bottom surface landing height = 1.3m. = 1300mm.
Inner span between the landings = 2m. = 2000mm.
First, let us assume the riser depth as =160mm.So, the number of risers= landing height ÷ riser height.Top to top landing height= Top to bottom height of landing + landing thickness= 1300mm + 200mm.= 1500mm.The no. of risers 

= 1500mm ÷ 160mm

= 9.375 nos.

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As the risers should be the whole number, let us provide 9 nos. of risers & we will divide the landing height with the number of rises to get the corrected riser depth.

The actual height of the riser

= landing height ÷ no. of risers

= 1500mm ÷ 9nos.

= 166.66mm .

Now, the number of treads

= number of riser – 1


staircase riser no


From the above drawing, you can observe that the total no. of treads is always less by one from the given no. of risers.

So, the number of treads.

= 9 nos – 1

= 8 nos.

The tread width

= horizontal clear span between landings ÷ the no. of treads.

= 2000mm ÷ 8nos.


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