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How to calculate The gradient, run and rise in civil construction

How to Calculate Gradient, Run and Rise in Civil Construction.

In this Article i will calculate the slope, run & rise in the three different drawings as shown below.

How to calculate gradient, run and rise

1 – Slope calculation.

How to calculate gradient, run and rise in civil construction

Given Data.

Run = 15m.

Rise = 0.5m.

Slope = [run ÷ rise]

= [15m. ÷ 0.5m].

= 30

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So, we should provide the gradient or slope of 1: 30 

2 – Run calculation.

run calculation

Given Data.

Slope = 1: 100

Rise = 0.5m


= [ slope x rise ]

= [ 100 x 0.5 ]

= Fifty m.

So, we have to provide a ( Fifty m ) run for every 0.5m rise.

3 – Rise calculation.

rise calculation

Given Data.

Slope or gradient = 1:30

Run = Eleven m.


= [ run ÷ slope ]

= [ 12m. ÷ 30 ]

= 0.4-m. or 400-mm.

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So, for a 12m run, u have to provide the 0.4m. or 400mm. rise.

4 – Rise per meter calculation.

rise per meter calculation

When we make roads, we cannot provide the rise for the total length as the work should be done in the different phases. In such cases, we have to calculate rise per meter run.


= [ run ÷ slope]

= [ 200m. ÷ 100 ]

= Two m


For 200m run,  rise = Two m

For  One m. run,    rise =?

By cross multiplication,

[One m. × Two m.] = [rise/m. × 200]

Rise/m. = [( One m. × Two m. ) ÷200 ]

0.01m. or Ten mm.

If you want to provide a gradient for the Twenty m. run of the above-given road,

The formula is

= [ rise/m. × run length ]

=  [ 0.01m per m. × Twenty m. ]

= 0.2m. or 200mm.

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